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Born on this day
Franz Xaver Gruber
Franz Xaver Gruber was an Austrian primary school teacher and church organist.
47th week in year
25 November 2022

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Andreas Freiherr von Ettingshausen25.11.1796

Wikipedia (08 Jan 2014, 11:43)

Andreas Freiherr von Ettingshausen (25 November 1796 – 25 May 1878) was a German mathematician and physicist.

Ettingshausen studied philosophy and jurisprudence in Vienna. In 1817, he joined the University of Vienna and taught mathematics and physics. In 1819 he became professor of physics at the University of Innsbruck and 1821 professor of higher mathematics at the University of Vienna. His lectures of that time marked a new era for the University of Vienna, and they were published in 1827 in 2 volumes. In 1834 Ettingshausen became the chair of physics.

Ettingshausen was the first to design an electromagnetic machine, which used the electrical induction for power generation. He promoted optics and wrote a text book of physics. His method of lecturing was widely influential. In addition he wrote a book on combinatorial analysis (Vienna 1826). In 1866, he retired.

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