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13 January 2019

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Harilal Upadhyay22.1.1916

Wikipedia (20 Mar 2013, 15:17)
Shri Harilal Upadhyay (Gujarati: હરિલાલ ઉપાધ્યાય)(January 22, 1916 - January 15, 1994) was a Gujarati author, considered as one of the all-time great authors in the Gujarati language. He wrote more than a hundred books, including historical novels, social novels, short story collections, biographies, the great Mahabharat series, children's literature, poems and Plays. He was used to writing columns and articles in news papers and magazines like Kismat, LokTantra, LokGurjari (LokGurjaree), JyotirVignan (JyotirVigyan) and others, on regular and occasional bases. He was also an award winner Astrologer (Astrologist).
" Beautiful moments of our lives."