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Born on this day
Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr.
Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr. (born March 29, 1941) is an American astrophysicist and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate.
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29 March 2020

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John Vane29.3.1927

Wikipedia (12 Mar 2013, 11:49)

Sir John Robert Vane FRS (29 March 1927 – 19 November 2004) was an English pharmacologist who was instrumental in the understanding of how aspirin produces pain-relief and anti-inflammatory effects and his work led to new treatments for heart and blood vessel disease and introduction of ACE inhibitors. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1982 along with Sune K. Bergström and Bengt I. Samuelsson for "their discoveries concerning prostaglandins and related biologically active substances".

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