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Paul Flory
Paul John Flory was a chemist and Nobel laureate.
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19 June 2018

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Princess Louise marries Crown Prince Karl19.6.1850

Wikipedia (11 Jun 2013, 12:04)
Princess Louise of the Netherlands marries Crown Prince Karl of Sweden-Norway.
Louise of the Netherlands (Wilhelmina Frederika Alexandrine Anna Louisa) (5 August 1828 – 30 March 1871) was the Queen of Sweden and Norway as spouse of King Charles XV of Sweden and IV of Norway.

Charles XV & IV also Carl (Carl Ludvig Eugen); Swedish and Norwegian: Karl (3 May 1826 – 18 September 1872) was King of Sweden (Charles XV) and Norway(Charles IV) from 1859 until his death.

Though known as King Charles XV in Sweden, he was actually the ninth Swedish king by that name, as his predecessor Charles IX (reigned 1604–1611) had adopted a numeral according to a fictitious history of Sweden.

On 19 June 1850 he married in Stockholm Louise of the Netherlands, niece of William II of the Netherlands through her father and niece of William I of Prussia,German Emperor, through her mother. The couple were personally quite dissimilar; Princess Louise was in love with her husband, whereas he preferred other women. His well-known mistresses included the countess Josephine Sparre, Wilhelmine Schröder and the actresses Hanna Styrell and Elise Hwasser, the latter the most celebrated actress in Sweden during his reign, and the Crown Prince neglected his shy wife. On the other hand, his relationship to his only daughter,Louise, was warm and close.

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