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Sir James Whyte Black
Sir James Whyte Black was a Scottish doctor and pharmacologist who won a Nobel Prize.
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14 June 2019

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General James Wolfe begins the siege of Quebec27.6.1759

Wikipedia (04 Jun 2013, 11:49)

Major General James Peter Wolfe (3January 1727 – 13 September 1759) was a British Army officer, known for his training reforms but rememberedchiefly for his victory over the French at the Battle of Quebec in Canada in 1759. The son of a distinguished general,Lieutenant-General Edward Wolfe, he had received his first commission at ayoung age and saw extensive service in Europe where he fought during the War of the Austrian Succession. His service in Flanders and in Scotland, where he took part in the suppression ofthe Jacobite Rebellion, brought him to the attention of his superiors. Theadvancement of his career was halted by the Peace Treaty of 1748 and he spent much of the next eightyears in garrison duty in the Scottish Highlands. Already a brigade major at the age of eighteen, he was alieutenant-colonel by the age of twenty-three.

Quebec is a province in east-central Canada.It is theonly Canadian province that has a predominantly French speaking population andFrench as the sole official language at the provincial level.

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