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Born on this day
Walter Bowman Russell
Walter Bowman Russell was an American polymath known for his achievements as a painter and a sculptor.
21st week in year
19 May 2020

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Gazeta de Buenos Ayres' firts publication7.6.1810

Wikipedia (27 May 2013, 11:29)

The Gazeta de Buenos Ayres  was a newspaper originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1810. It was initially used to give publicity to the government actions of the Primera Junta, the first post-colonial Argentine government. In the beginning it was written by Mariano Moreno, with the aid of the priest Manuel Alberti; Manuel Belgrano and Juan José Castelli were also part of its staff.

It was organized on June 2, 1810, and the first issue was released the following June 7; the Gazeta was published each week afterwards. The date 7 June has been honored in Argentina as Dia del Periodista, "Journalist's Day", since 1938. The Gazeta provided information about new laws, the development of the Peninsular War and the Argentine War of Independence, and served as a vehicle for political thought. The government ordered that the newspaper be read aloud at chapels after mass celebrations, because of the high illiteracy rate among the population.

It was closed by Bernardino Rivadavia in 1821.

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