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Born on this day
Jozef Mazur
Jozef C. Mazur (March 17, 1897 – April 23, 1970) was a Polish-American (Galician) stained glass artist, painter and sculptor.
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17 March 2020

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Ranger 6 is launched30.1.1964

Wikipedia (25 Mar 2013, 14:20)

Ranger 6 was designed to achieve a lunar impact trajectory and to transmit high-resolution photographs of the lunar surface during the final minutes of flight up to impact. The spacecraft carried six television vidicon cameras, 2 wide angle (channel F, cameras A and B) and 4 narrow angle (channel P) to accomplish these objectives. The cameras were arranged in two separate chains, or channels, each self-contained with separate power supplies, timers, and transmitters so as to afford the greatest reliability and probability of obtaining high-quality Television pictures. No other experiments were carried on the spacecraft. Due to a failure of the camera system no images were returned.

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